June 20, 2013

June 7, 2013

June 5, 2013

  • Me too.

    I’m moving. 
    I have loved blogging over here, loved the people I’ve met both on line and in real life.

    Come visit me over at my new spot….

    I’ll still be checking in, keeping up with friends I have here, but blogging there. :)

    Happy Day to you.

May 29, 2013

  • I feel bad for my “real” camera.

    It’s not that I don’t use it…I just don’t use it as much.
    It’s easier to snap away with my iphone.

    Crown Fountain in Chicago.
    Tyler painted all the trim on the front porch for me. Love that kid..and not just because he painted. ;)
    Me, reflecting in a building downtown.
    My drink at our friend’s beautiful wedding Saturday night.
    Trying on bike helmets we did not purchase.
    I like those blue and brown shoes.
    Jeff says they’re ridiculous, I think the polka dot frames were $3 well spent. :)
    Tulips picked by Alli.
    Grandpa and Grandma bought the kids blue slushies.

    The most dangerous thing you could keep in your freezer…er, um..TRY to keep in your freezer.
    I told them to stay off the porch…I think the railing was pushing it.
    Have I ever mentioned how much I love the city?
    Breakfast…eggs courtesy of my parent’s chickens.
    Nothing more exciting than the dollar section at Officemax while we wait for dad to copy blueprints.
    There was a bet made, he lost, he owes her a twisty silver ring from the little store on the corner. ;)
    (she said it was a big bet, he doesn’t have to pay up…isn’t she the nicest?!)

    Happy Wednesday.

May 22, 2013

  • The self inflicted pity party.

    Such an easy event to pull together.
    All you need is a situation not going in the direction you like. a little discontent. some selfishness.
    a bit of complaining. and Voila! You’ll find yourself celebrating! Celebrating and wallowing in pity.

    Why is it we always expect everything to fall into place for us?
    Like we deserve much better than what we’re being served up in life.

    Human nature, our sinful nature can be so blinding.
    I get so blinded. I feel justified to feel the way I do. 
    I have no right.

    Trials in life will come. 
    Sometimes the small seem big but compared to other’s trials and eternity..they are nothing!

    Trials grow us. They are supposed to make us more dependent upon God.
    They are for us as silly as it seems. To make us stronger. To give us experience and wisdom.

    My husband has been busy the past few weeks. Very busy. Owning a business can be tough.
    Instead of being grateful my husband has a job.
    Instead of being thankful for a husband who works so hard and doesn’t expect me to help out financially.
    Instead of knowing he would rather be here than gone.
    Instead of understanding how much was on his plate, the responsibilities he was fulfilling. 
    Instead of appreciating him…

    I let it get to me in a negative way.
    I was looking at what others were doing. Husbands that were home. Families eating dinner together.
    Jealous of people with big storage sheds and no construction paraphernalia hanging around their yards! ;)

    I was looking right in front of me instead of farther down the road.
    I wasn’t being patient or compassionate.
    I wan’t looking long term and I certainly wasn’t looking towards my Savior.
    I was looking at myself. what I wanted. what I “needed”.

    I was everything a wife shouldn’t be to her husband.

    and after staying up in his office drawing blueprints for twelve hours Saturday and then staying awake, not coming to bed, finishing his sermon for Sunday morning on Sunday morning….he felt it too.

    He preached a good message on the Holy Spirit.
    It convicted me. I needed to hear it, he said he needed it too.
    God gives us what we need if we take time to listen.

    Sunday afternoon on an hour of sleep he said “That’s it!”

    He put us in the car and drove. We went canoeing and fishing.
    and we made s’mores in our fire pit that night. and it was perfect to be together.
    I missed him. a lot.

    Life isn’t always going to be peachy. Expect it! 
    We can’t always be ready for what’s going to come next. 
    Sunday night the people of Oklahoma had no idea what their next day entailed

    We can choose to make the best of our situation.
    Happiness isn’t always easy…and sometimes it’s near impossible!
    Being thankful helps.

    If you’re in the midst of your very own self inflicted pity party,
    take time to notice all the good that surrounds you.

    Thank God for your situation and you will feel a change in your heart.
    A peace that truly passes any understanding our minds could ever understand on our own.

    Happy Wednesday to you.

May 17, 2013

  • {not} Fashion Tip Friday ~

    song. It’s the lovey, lovey, love one Jeff has been playing for me lately.
    Thought I’d share, you can join in our mushiness. ;)

    This past week was absolutely gorgeous and we have been outside.
    Home mostly. Planting and weeding and turning over gardens.
    Freeze pops and kiddie pools for the first time this year.

    I love sun that pours into windows early morning.
    I love birds singing loud.
    I love flowers blooming.
    I love days with my kids as they grow.

    I have a very blessed life.

    What are you up to this weekend?
    Today we’re showing a friend around Chicago. I’m pretty sure there will be a 
    Garrett stop.
    Saturday planting the rest of the garden. Sunday church and of course, pasta for dinner. 

    Happy Friday.

May 13, 2013

  • Purple Basil. Lemon Balm.

    Sunday afternoon. Herb farm. with my kids. 
    So happy to be planting. So excited to cook with fresh herbs again! 
    Everything tastes so much better fresh from the ground.

    We’re hoping to get our garden planted this coming week/weekend.
    Lots of work, but so worth it.

    Happy planting.